Benefits of donating:

We are a non-profit 501(c) (3) private foundation; which means that all donations are tax- deductible and we do not pay ourselves, all of our time is volunteered. Our finances are public record and completely transparent. Plus, you’ll get some cool merchandise for your generosity!

Where does your money go?

When you donate to the Narles Layne Foundation, your money will be contributing to help build a better community through educating, raising awareness and giving. Via majority board member vote, the foundation will grant funds to local organizations, programs, groups and events that: 

  • Promote what Narles stood for (leadership, inclusion, compassion, sportsmanship etc)
  • Provide support for people and their families who struggle with mental illness 
  • Reach out to people who have been affected by, or are contemplating suicide
  • Support adopted children and provide support for their families
  • Speak out against discrimination, stereotypes, racial profiling and false accusations

Narles volunteered with Big Brothers Big Sisters and strongly believed in their mission, as do we.  We will write them a grant annually as well as award two scholarships of up to $2,400 to one male and one female student-athlete each calendar year. Please see our scholarship criteria page for details. We will also give to youth sports organizations that advocate the qualities of Narles Layne.

We will also need to put donations towards our necessary operating & overhead costs:

  • Production of merchandise (various logo wear, decals, banners, etc)

Merchandise will be sold at various community events to help raise additional funds and given away as various prizes and awards to further our outreach. We have a vision to expand this foundation each year and build on the amounts we can give. With your continued support, we can achieve success! We will send out periodic newsletters that will keep our valued contributors informed on where the foundation has been granting funds and announce the scholarship winners.

We Are Narles Layne!!!