Who is the Narles Layne Foundation looking to award? 

One male and one female student-athlete who:

  • Best demonstrates the great character and moral qualities that made Narles Layne special
  • Currently is a senior in high school and will be pursuing post-secondary education
  • Is an outstanding competitor in more than one high school sanctioned sport
  • Actively participates in the community by helping kids, raising awareness, charities etc
  • Can demonstrate a history of academic success and a promising academic future

Scholarship Application:

Applicants need to do some research about who Narles Layne was. Talk to teachers, coaches and other members of the community; read articles, watch highlights, attend events. Via any means necessary, discover what made Narles so endeared by the Helena community and learn about the events that ultimately led to his tragic death.

Then, applicants are required to write an essay that must answer the following questions:

  • Who was Narles Layne – in your own words?
  • What moves you most about his incredible story?
  • Where can you make a difference in your own life, using what you learned about his life?
  • When you tell others what you learned about Narles - what will your primary message be?
  • Why should the foundation choose to recognize you for this award?
  • Which qualities that Narles exemplified do you see in yourself?
  • How will you choose to honor and promote his legacy into the future?

At least one letter of recommendation must be included with the application. It should be written by a non-family member; preferably a teacher, coach, employer or peer. The reference letter needs to describe how the applicant stands out among their peers and why the writer thinks the applicant deserves special recognition and financial award.

Three personal character references must also be submitted. Please get permission from one peer, one coach and one teacher to include their contact info with the application. References will be contacted by a board member for a brief conversation about the applicant.

In order to show a history of academic success and a promising academic future, the student must provide a copy of his/her transcripts and documentation of their most current grades.

If deemed necessary by the foundation, finalists and their families may be asked to have a quick meet and greet with members of the board and a final interview to help us make our most thorough and informed decision.

We are Narles Layne!!!